Calgary Business Mediation

Calgary Business Mediation

(a lot of time it’s over ownership – who owns what)

Just like in the mediation between Calgary neighbours example, this following example is a typical call St. Shanon St. Pierre gets regarding mediation between two businesses.


David: Hi Shannon, I entered into an arrangement with a business (I’m a business owner too by the way) over some shared land use between us. The landlord is nowhere to be found other than me seeing a cheque cashed and I think he’d be useless to help the situation anyway… but I’m rambling, here’s the problem.

  1. There are two businesses on a lot (mine and the trouble maker)
  2. We are supposed to have equal access to a garage out back for storage.
  3. The guy is using 95% of it.
  4. Last year he asked me if he could use some extra space, my space, for a month, well, that month turned in to 8 months and now he thinks he owns the place.


Shannon: So you’d like to settle that?
D: heck yeah!

S: is there a chance he would come into my office where we could work on a process with you?
D: Let me ask you this. The guy is stubborn. I don’t think asking would get him in. If I sent him a letter saying either we are going to court or we see this lady (you) that would get him in.

S: Why not say that verbally [Shannon also have me a few tips on how exactly to say that] as a letter can actually be more threatening.
D: So tell him what?

S: Just say, let’s meet and talk about this. Let’s find a solution that’s good for both of us.  If he’s hesitant, say this can be way more cost effective than other alternatives.



Mediation can be voluntary like in the case above or it can be done through the courts – court appointed mediation. Considering the costs of legal fees and the time involved, a voluntary meeting between the two parties can be a much faster solution and a lot less expensive.



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Calgary Mediation Services Conflict Resolution at Home the Workplace and Court Appointed Mediation Services

Calgary Mediation Services, Conflict Resolution at Homeand the Workplace, and Court Appointed Mediation Services

Calgary’s Dr. Shannon St. Pierre is one of the most sought-after mediators in Alberta. This website is going to a major update but will soon host a useful resource to those living in Calgary.

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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Terms that will be discussed post website update (expected Nov 30, 2012).

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Interest-based-mediation is at the foundation of Shannon St. Pierre’s work. Interest-based medication occurs when the  interests of each party are met so that the parties are satisfied.

Shannon St. Pierre is a Registered Family Mediator with both the Albertan and the Canadian Associations. She is certified to conduct the more difficult family mediations, conflict resolution in the work place and community problems which may emerge. She  has certification as a Civil Claims mediator gained through a  full-years training at the Vancouver court house and  the prestigious qualifications of Practitioner  Status with the American Conflict Resolution Society (ACR).

Dr. St. Pierre is transformative in working with difficult conflict situations. Her ability to be transformative is drawn from clinical skills as a Registered Psychologist and Family therapist.  She has the training necessary to be a parent-supervisor with the most conflict-ridden cases of all. As an expert-witness with the court of Queens Bench, she is trusted to deal with these severe cases.


Conflict Resolution Skills

Mediation begins the minute that clients enter the room.  Ways to talk to each other are established and sometimes re-established.  Clients are encouraged to speak in an uninterrupted way about the issues that are important to themselves.

Some cultures and family cultures have amazing conflict resolutions skills handed down through their history.  It is useful to identify and draw  upon these skills which can be most useful in resolving problems.


Calgary Divorce Mediation:

It is  important  to establish how the couple has handled problems within their marriage.

Often individuals will say that they have no established way to solve problems within their marriage. In this case, it is important to establish a mechanism to solve problems so that the foundational issues is in place to resolve the problems inherent in the situation.

Taking a piece from each parties vested interest can go a long ways to resolving a problem as these parties will feel that there is hope that gains can be made in their direction.

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