Dr. Shannon St. Pierre’s Qualifications for Mediation Services in Calgary

Registered Family Mediator (Member)

Alberta Association (Member)

Mediation Canada (Member)

Chartered Psychologist #1597  
(Alberta and Canadian Full Membership)

Full Clinical Family Therapist #72904  
(Full Member of Alberta, Canadian, and American Association)
Supervisory and training status

Canadian Register of Health Service Providers  
(Certificate Number 03576)

Accredited Clinical Hypnotist with the Alberta, Canadian, American, Practitioner status  
(certificate number 1233)

Level II – Rapid Eye Movement Desensitization  

Sex Therapist
(Diplomat Status)
Supervisory or training status

Practitioners Status

Dr. Shannon St. Pierre operates in Calgary and provides the following services, Mediation, Family Counselling, Hypnotist, Divorce Counselling. She can be contacted at:

(403) 282-1474